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Emotional Intelligence and Coaching for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers

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Our highest need is self-fulfillment, and in order to get there,

we need to make sure all of our needs are met. I start with

the basics: how to feel safe and secure with ourselves, and

how to connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful

way. Our own unique individual needs - sensory and

otherwise - are learned here as well.

We can then transfer this

knowledge to teach our kids these same skills! We focus on

emotional intelligence, which integrates self-awareness and

self-regulation skills into our daily lives to become the best

version of ourselves. In modelling this behaviour to our

children, and teaching them these skills at the same time, we

set them up for success, and to reach the ultimate goal of

self-fulfillment in their lives!

For those of you wanting to dive deeper into the emotional and spiritual healing journey, I offer individual Healing Sessions where we find the root of your current struggle and release the energetic charge it is holding inside of you. Read the testimonials below to see how this process lands in current and past clients.